Overflowing with emotions That’s how I roll, No, this is not a joint I’m talking about It’s myself I’m trying to unfurl.   An ENFP I am, According to Myer Briggs But is that the solution to who I am? Let’s dig in.   E stands for Extroverted. Which I think I am I can … Continue reading Core


Short Term Relationship

Maybe we weren’t meant to be Some relations aren’t, Maybe it was just our attitudes Or just that fact that we admitted 'we can’t'.   Many a times there are issues, I got them, and you got them too; But to work our way through, That’s what we’re meant to do.   I don’t know … Continue reading Short Term Relationship


I had an epiphany Funny how it should happen today How I can be friends with someone so young Yet, watch them decay. Survival of the Fittest As a man once propounded How one can be alive and within A matter of seconds, also dead We had the best of times Oh, we really did … Continue reading IRON