An Ordinary Introduction

Hi guys. So this is a blog I made at 3 am(legit) so that I can compile my thoughts. I’m a girl of age 17 and I love to write. The problem is that I do not posses the talent to write at any time. I can only write when my thoughts flow and that’s usually when I’m upset, overjoyed or at night. I hope you do like the stuff I write 😀

I really like to watch TV shows and absolutely love Taylor Swift. I’m v hyperactive and am sensitive towards other peoples’ feelings. I sort of am funny and I think I am good company. I love school and am really glad for my friends and family. They are my strength. I am also a secret keeper.

Hope you like the poems/ write-ups I post here. ❤

Also, my life motto is “Never regret anything you do because at one point of time it was exactly what you wanted.

Thank you for reading all of that if you read it. ^,^


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