I Wonder

Sometimes I wonder
How life would’ve been
If I hadn’t been forced by mom
To keep my room clean

Sometimes I think
About the wrongs I’ve done
And then I seek forgiveness
From all and The One.

All little things we do
Affect the universe
No one is unimportant
Everyone has a purpose to serve.

You must realize your worth
People will put you down
And it’s up to you whether
you want to float or drown.

At times you think
You’re unimportant
But imagine in a world without J.K Rowling
Literature would be so dormant.

All the world’s a stage
And every one has a role
The movie A Christmas Carol
Would be incomplete without a north/ south pole.

I watch a show
It’s called Doctor Who
It taught me that you’re important
Because you are you.


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