Love. A four letter word. Most of us don’t understand the power this tiny little word holds. It has the power to save someone. The power to make someone happy. The power to brighten up someone’s day. Yet, it is the most overused word. Us teenagers, we feel like we’re in love with our boyfriends/girlfriends when in fact, what we feel is infatuated with them. We think we think we know love. But the truth is, no one does. Love isn’t something that can be put into words or be defined. This is because what everyone feels is different. Words can give you a brief description of what an average person feels, but not the exact. It’s this feeling that comes along with it. Loving someone can be the best thing in your life. It can be the worst too. People usually associate love with happiness. This is true up to a limit but not always. Love does not always mean happiness. At times, when we love someone, we have to leunnamedt them go. Or when we love someone and they don’t love us back, it breaks us. It crushes our soul. Love can come to us in any form. Whether it is our mother, baking cookies for us or our father taking us on a ride with him. It can also come to us in the form of a best friend. A relationship. We must love. Must accept the love we get. But we must always remember that love isn’t an exchange policy. We must learn to love unconditionally and that’s when we will truly be happy. Not otherwise. We must learn to give without wanting to get something back. That’s the truest meaning of love that can be given in words. Love simply can’t be defined.

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