For it’s just life.

Okay so, this is something I wrote long ago when I was very upset. I do love what I have written and whenever I read it, i feel happy. Hope you like it too. 😀
I wish people knew how it felt to feel rejected. To cry to sleep every night. Have the best of friends and still feel lonely. I wish people knew how it felt when you loved someone and they didn’t love you back. Love is the last stage. They don’t even consider you a friend. I wish other people knew how it felt. But sadly, most of the people don’t. I wish people knew how it feels to not feel loved even if your friends try to make it okay. And then, you feel they’re tired of trying to convince you and that you have to stop because you don’t want to lose your angels. It’s all because of one guy. One. And I feel as if my whole world’s been torn apart. I know people have much worse problems in life; much harder problems to face, but I don’t like this. I wish everyone could be happy. At times, getting all these negative thoughts about yourself just make you want to die. They make you want to self harm. You start thinking about things that you don’t have. That you think you need them desperately and feel that because of the lack of those things no one wants to talk to you. You wish you had bigger breasts, had more money, were prettier or were popular. And then the same old people trying to convince you that you’re perfect the way you are. But does it make you feel better?I think not. Its just that you’ve lost so much, so many people in your life that you want all of the pain to go away. You feel that you don’t belong with your friends. We forget that pain is, indeed, inevitable. We mustn’t have expectations or hopes from people. They just lead to disappointment. And that leads to stuff that’s much worse. Whenever we’re feeling low, or sad,we become selfish. Some people commit suicides. But does that make everything better? No. It just makes you a coward. Running away from all your problems because you can’t face them. Or try to fight them. We don’t even think of the people we might hurt in this process. Friends, family. They love us no matter what. At least our family does. Friends might leave you when you need them the most. It’s not their fault. We must realise that. They have their own damn lives to live. Everyone on this planet has problems. Nobody and absolutely nobody’s life is perfect. You mustn’t be selfish and just dumped all your problems on them, some of us might think. I do, too. But then, who do you go to? A psychologist? A psychiatrist? No. They might make us feel better but that is just going to be temporary. We have to deal with our problems alone at last. There’s going to be no one in the end for you. It’s just you. We have to face our problems and fight them too. Because that’s why we have these problems. Or obstacles. It sucks. I know. I’ve been there. But you know, god has given us this life. He has given us the problems and we must face them. We have to understand that our might creator has given us the power, the strength to overcome these obstacles. So, try to feel nice about yourself because no matter how useless you might feel, you are one of a kind. Remember, in the end, when you’re some millionaire,chilling out in a spa, these people who made you feel like you’re useless, won’t even matter. So live like there’s no tomorrow and try to be positive,because after a stormy night,  there’s always a beautiful sunny day with a rainbow. You can do it. And you know why? Because you are amazing, just the way you are.

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