Am I capable of love?

​Am I incapable of love, I ask myself

My friends all say “no no you’re so beautiful on the outside and the inside”

My mother says” the boy who doesn’t love back you has no eyes”

my father says “give me the names of the boys who lay eyes at you. I’ll set them right”

And my brother? 

My brother says “who’d like you, you look like a dragonite”

It’s all just good fun and then we laugh about it

Wiping tears from our joyous eyes

Still asking myself

Am I incapable of love?

Then why do I feel this way 

The loneliness of the night

That is dark and cold

Creeps in despite the protection of my blanket

And punctures a hole in my heart every night

And keeps me from my beauty sleep

And breaks my self esteem

Into shards of a broken glass

That has been hammered too many times

Despite the love I receive

I ask myself everyday

Am I incapable of love

Then why is it I have no one to turn to when I’m disheartened

Why is it that I feel if I tell someone they’re going to laugh at my godforsaken life

And this stops me  from embracing the oh so beautiful things in life

Because i’m never living truly

Just regretting my whole life 

When I’m so young 

And naive

Being aware of these facts

Yet I still ask every day

Am I incapable of love

Or is love incapable of my time?


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