I had an epiphany Funny how it should happen today How I can be friends with someone so young Yet, watch them decay. Survival of the Fittest As a man once propounded How one can be alive and within A matter of seconds, also dead We had the best of times Oh, we really did […]

Am I capable of love?

​Am I incapable of love, I ask myself My friends all say “no no you’re so beautiful on the outside and the inside” My mother says” the boy who doesn’t love back you has no eyes” my father says “give me the names of the boys who lay eyes at you. I’ll set them right” […]

My Hero

​The night you came home After a long day of work.             I rejoiced; seeing you                                Was one thing I loved. As a little girl, you were my hero And I loved learning things from you MS […]


We all change It’s nothing to be shamed of, Change makes us better, Teaches us to cure ourselves with a laugh. We’re all stories in the end, Said once, a wise man, A time-lord, as known by many, Of whom I am a big fan. One cannot tell, What is the catalyst to the process […]

For it’s just life.

Okay so, this is something I wrote long ago when I was very upset. I do love what I have written and whenever I read it, i feel happy. Hope you like it too. 😀 I wish people knew how it felt to feel rejected. To cry to sleep every night. Have the best of […]


Love. A four letter word. Most of us don’t understand the power this tiny little word holds. It has the power to save someone. The power to make someone happy. The power to brighten up someone’s day. Yet, it is the most overused word. Us teenagers, we feel like we’re in love with our boyfriends/girlfriends […]